Top 5 Easiest Vegetables To Grow

This is a good article for beginner gardeners. Just in case you are wondering what kinds of vegetables you can plant with minimal effort.

Here are the top 5 easiest vegetables to grow…

1. Spinach

Spinach is not only easy to grow but also very useful. It is vitamin-packed and it can be used for smoothies, salads, soups, baby food and a lot more.

spinach leaves


2. Lettuce

Lettuce is very easy to grow. Once you cut the leaves you can use the roots and grow lettuce after lettuce from it. You can easily make salads with lettuce or use it for smoothies or sandwiches.

lettuce leaves


3. Radishes

Radishes are very easy to grow. They are actually very ideal for beginners. There are different types of radishes and all of them are easy to grow. You can buy seeds and just plant them and watch them grow. You can use them for salads, appetizers, sandwiches or just for plain snacking.



4. Carrots

Carrots are also very easy to grow. They are also very useful and vitamin-packed. They can be used for stews, salads, soups, baby food, smoothies, juices and a lot more! There are various types of carrots that you can try growing.



5. Tomatoes

Of course, we won’t forget about the tomatoes. 😀 Tomatoes are also perfect for beginners. They don’t need a lot of tending but they do need lots of sunlight. Also, you can use them for a lot of things like, sauces, stews, salads and a lot more. If you want to know how to plant tomatoes, you can read this post



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