Zen Garden

garden pond

A zen garden is more of a type of a garden than design. But the design aesthetic that is involved with this garden makes it qualified to be here.

Zen gardens are most often associated with Japanese culture. Since this type of garden originated there. The main design approach for this type of garden is minimalist.

A zen garden is perfect for people who are looking for “zen”. This type of garden is clutter free and minimal, so as a result it is soothing and relaxing to be in one. It is perfect for meditating and reflecting.

Most zen gardens have crisp lines, source of water and elaborate & big ones even have fish ponds with Koi fishes of course. The sound of water adds up to the zen vibe these gardens have.

garden pond
A Zen Garden with A Decent-Sized Pond

A zen garden with a pond. Perfect for housing some Koi fishes.

A Very Minimalist Zen Garden

This minimalist zen garden is a perfect area to perform some breathing exercises, meditation and simple relaxing stretches.

zen garden
Green & Simple Zen Garden

Just by looking at this zen garden photo, it is relaxing already. It looks so fresh and green.

garden brdge
A Simple Zen Garden with A Bridge

The bridge adds a nice touch to this zen garden. It has greens, water, pebbles etc. It is such a nice place to meditate and relax.