Top 7 Landscape Trees For Your Garden

rose of sharon

Summary: In this article you will learn about some of the best types of landscape trees to use in landscape gardening.

Many landscape gardening specialists know that it is very important to choose landscape trees according to the current season. So below you will find landscape trees categorized according to every season:

In Spring


A Magnolia Tree

In spring a garden with flowers look wonderful. So any well-designed garden should contain a flowering landscape tree. For this purpose, you can use magnolia trees that are one of the most charming flowering trees.

Rose of sharon

rose of sharon
Vibrant Colored Rose of Sharon

Rose of Sharon is a flowering shrub, though some people consider it a landscape “tree”, as it grows tall and can be pruned and left with a single trunk. The best feature of this plant is that it blooms a bit late and this period lasts for a long time. Therefore you may come across this valuable plant in many gardens.

In Summer

Dogwood trees

A Dogwood Tree

But some gardeners prefer “2 for 1” options in landscape gardening. From this point, dogwood trees may be the best choice: with its blooms in spring, a branching pattern in summer and colorful foliage in autumn. Besides, your garden will turn into a favorite place of wild birds attracted by these landscape trees.

In Autumn

Maple Trees

A Maple Tree

There are several types of maple trees you can choose from to use in landscape gardening. But some types of the maples native to North America or Europe are considered to be more beautiful. Thanks to their greater size, these trees provide shade in summer. So surely consider one or more types of maple trees that will decorate your garden on a cloudy autumn day.

In Winter

Blue spruce trees

Blue Spruce Up Close

You worry about how your garden will look in winter? Don’t worry! You can keep your garden evergreen and beautiful in any season, if you select the right landscape trees for your garden. For example, you may plant evergreen blue spruce trees that will keep your garden attractive even in cold winter.

Alberta spruce trees

This is another kind of spruce which are often planted on the entryway to a house.
Arborvitae trees
As for these evergreen trees, they do not only decorate a garden, but also can be used in order to create “living wall” around your house to give your garden a mysterious look.