How-To-Grow Tomatoes from Seeds

ripe tomatoes

Tomatoes are the most common garden plant that people grow. The reason being that, it is easy to plant and not a high maintenance plant. Plus, who doesn’t love tomatoes, right? 😀

Tomatoes are versatile, they are good as snack, for soups, stews, sauces and more! 🙂

Here’s a simple step by step “how-to” on how to grow tomatoes from seeds:

Step 1: Purchase/obtain a pack of tomato seeds

It is totally up to you on which tomato variety you want to plant.

Step 2: Decide where you will plant it

There are a few choices on where to plant your tomato seeds. It can be in a pot, a planter box or directly in the ground. So, it is up to you where you will plant them.

Step 3: The dirt

Be sure that you use good planting or potting soil. It is best the it is fertilised to assure you that the seed will prosper. It’s also nice if you can incorporate some finely grounded eggshells in your planting soil. Eggshells are rich in calcium and it’ll really help your seeds to grow.

Step 4: Planting the seed

If you’re planting in a pot, make a 2 inch-deep hole and put a seed or two in it. Lightly cover the hole.

If planting in a planter box make sure to give enough space in between seeds. You have to anticipate the seeds when they grow into a plant so they have enough space to sprout and grow. Approximately 1-2 feet apart is sufficient enough space in between seeds. The same goes with planting directly on the ground.

Step 5: Watering the seeds

Do not overwater. Weather is also a factor to consider when watering your plants. If it’s summer, water generously, if not just make sure that at least 2 inches of the soil is wet. The key is to not overwater. You don’t want the seeds to rot and not sprout.

During summer, water everyday. Other seasons, just check. If the soil is too wet, then water it the next day, if it’s windy, soil gets dry easily so water it everyday. Bottomline is, you be the judge.

Step 6: Continue caring for your seeds

In 5-6 days you will see you seeds sprouting. Again, do not overwater them. Since they’re in a delicate stage. You don’t want them to drown. Regularly fertilize, mulch and add more eggshells, cage or fence along the way, until they reach their ideal growth.


baby tomatoes

ripe tomatoes

What you have to think of next are tomato recipes 🙂

Happy Gardening! 🙂