Easy Sitting Bank DIY

This DIY is so easy to do. That’s why you’ll be able to follow the instructions even if they’re not in english.

A sitting bank is a nice and useful addition to any garden or backyard. You can sit on it, do projects on it, it can act as a table and many more.

For this DIY you’ll need:

– some bricks or concrete cinder block (depending on how high or low you want your sitting bank to be)
– a heavy wooden plank

  • If you want your sitting bank to be really stable and permanent, you can use some cement to put all the bricks together.
  • Make sure that you’ll use solid bricks that will be able to support some weight.
  • It’s all about the balance, so balance it out. If your wooden plank is too long be sure to put some bricks in the middle for support.


Decorate the sitting bank and the surrounding area accordingly. 🙂