Balcony or Terrace Gardening


Some people are being hindered by cramped spaces that’s why they never tried gardening. But cramped or small spaces are not really a problem if you want to start gardening.

If you have a balcony or a terrace, that’ll be a perfect spot for your mini garden. For people who don’t have a balcony or a terrace, it is still possible to have a garden, but this for another post.

Gardening in small, limited or cramp spaces is also called “apartment gardening”. It is actually quite innovative to start your own garden in your flat or apartment. It’s perfect to have a balcony or a terrace, because you’ll have a source of sunlight because it is outdoors.

To get started there are some things that you have to decide upon. First is what do you want your garden to be? Do you want it to be ornamental or something that you can make use of?

Ornamental, is purely planting plants in your garden for the visual pleasure that it can give you. Like planting colorful plants (cacti, succulents etc.) and flowers. This is not purely unuseful. Since you can give aways flowers or plants as gifts.

A small balcony garden
lush garden
A lush balcony garden with a decent amount of space

But if you want to maximize the use of your balcony or terrace, then planting simple vegetable bearing or fruit bearing plants and herbs is a must. Because you will be able to use the vegetables, fruits and or herbs for yourself and also for gifting to other people. Planting food bearing plants can also give one person the feeling of accomplishment.

planter box
A small and simple planter box that will fit limited spaces

How to get started with your own balcony or terrace garden will be another post. But for now you have something to ponder upon if you are interested in starting your own garden in your apartment or flat.