Bird Feeders/Houses

rustic birdhouse

Bird feeders or houses are not just great looking garden decorations but are also useful. Birds can help with pollination. If your main focus in your garden is planting then it is a good thing to have birds in your garden.

Bird feeders and houses attract birds plus it gives them temporary shelter. Bird feeders and houses come in different designs now. They are useful garden decorative items. You can also put a specific bird feed for the type of birds you want to attract to hangout in your garden. One example is sugar water. This attracts hummingbirds. So if you like hummingbirds be sure to put some sugar water in your bird feeder.

A simple bird feeder

There are really elaborate ones and also simple ones. It depends on your taste or with which theme you have for your garden. There are also a lot of bird feeder or house DIYs online that are inexpensive and easy to make, just in case you’re looking for a garden project that has a purpose.

A simple pink bird house
rustic birdhouse
A rustic-looking birdhouse

There are also birdhouses that have big openings. This can also house small creatures like, squirrels and chipmunks. These are very helpful for these small creatures. When the weather gets really bad. These birdhouses serve as their temporary shelter to protect them from the elements that may harm them.

Creature house
A birdhouse with a big opening

But also be ready to some minor downsides. Some bigger birds might be dominating the smaller birds, this may end up with lots of bird feed all over your lawn. There can also be some bird poop. That’s just a heads up just in case you don’t like too much bird poop in your garden 😀

I think it’s music to the ears to get woken up by chirping birds in the morning or when you’re simply hanging out in your garden, it’s always nice and relaxing to hear chirping birds. It’ll make you feel closer to nature.