Bush and Hedge Trimmers


Bush and hedge trimmers are a garden or yard staple, specially if you have bushes or hedges to trim. These trimmers are safer to use, than using ordinary gardening to shears to shape your bushes and hedges.

There’s a high chance that you’ll mess up the shape of your hedges if you use ordinary scissors or gardening shears. Unless you are well experienced in shaping bushes and hedges, then you’ll have perfectly manicured & trimmed hedges.

These trimmers are also adjustable so you can trim off little by little instead of accidentally cutting off more than you should. Because most of the time hedges are grown for privacy purposes. So it’s important to not over-trim.

Compact Hedge Trimmer

There are various types of hedge trimmers. There are small ones, big ones, compact ones, cordless and with cord. Depending on what you need you’ll be able to find which will suit you the best.

Hedge Trimmer

With the right hedge trimmer, trimming, shaping or pruning your hedges and bushes can be fun and enjoyable.

Pretty Looking Gardens

garden swing

Here are some pretty and simple garden pictures:

vibrant colors
Vibrant Colored Flower Garden

This is a big garden, filled with vibrant colored flowers. This is such a music to the eyes. Flower gardens like this one need a lot of maintenance and work. But the results will be all worth it.

garden swing
Simple Garden Swing

This simple garden got leveled up with a simple swing. The simple swing gave the garden a quaint and whimsical touch. This is such a cool and relaxing place to hang out. This kind of style is cool and effortless.

quaint garden
Quaint Garden Area

This garden is really simple. The wooden garden door added a nice touch to the overall vibe of the garden. This garden doesn’t look like it’s a high maintenance. There are some wild flowers that are low maintenance. The small garden shed also made the garden look really nice.

Top 10 Easy-To-Plant Vegetable Bearing Plants

radish bowl

Having a garden is both therapeutic and advantageous. If you’re willing to make some effort, you will for sure be rewarded.

Here are the Top 10 Easy-To-Plant Vegetable Bearing Plants: (In random order)
(For details on how to plant these be sure to check our “How-To-Grow…” page)

1. Eggplant

Eggplants are starting to become popular now. They are versatile and if cooked the right way, they taste really good. They’re also easy to plant and maintain and it’s a plus that there are a couple of eggplant varieties.

Eggplant Plant
Eggplant Varieties
grilled eggplant
Grilled Eggplant Tastes Really Good

2. Radish

Radishes are also easy to plant and maintain. They also have different varieties and you can even eat the young & tender leaves or the tops that comes with them. They’re perfect for snacking and salads. They’re a must have in any vegetable garden.

Radishes Ready To Be Harvested
radish bowl
Harvested Radishes in a Bowl

3. Okra (Lady Fingers)

Okras are also easy to plant. They’re also starting to get popular. Some people don’t like the slippery texture okra has, but with the right cooking method this can be minimized. They’re perfect with curries and stews.

okra plant
Okra Plant

4. Spinach

Spinach is nutrient-packed vegetable. It is actually not a vegetable-bearing plant. It is a vegetable plant. Spinach is perfect for everything; smoothies, salads, stews, soups and all sorts of stuff. There are also different variety of spinach. And it’s a real plus that spinach is easy to plant.

healthy spinach
Long-Stemmed Spinach

5. Bell Pepper

Bell peppers are rich in vitamin C. They’re so colorful and nice to look at and of course, easy to plant. You can choose from red, green, orange, yellow and even purple. You can eat them raw or cooked. Either way they’re good.

bell peppers
Bell Peppers in Assorted Colors
Bell Pepper Plant

6. Potato

Potatoes are versatile. They don’t look really attractive as a plant but there’s a lot of things you can do with the vegetable. They are also easy to grow and maintain.

Potato Plant
Washed & Cleaned Potatoes
potato bunch
A Bunch of Potatoes

7. Kale

Like spinach Kale is not really a vegetable bearing plant, the leaves are the vegetable itself. Kale is actually the “it” vegetable for some time now. From smoothies, salads, stews, stir-fry and even chips. There are also a couple varieties of Kale. Like spinach, Kale is also vitamin-packed.

Curly Kale
purple kale
Pretty Purple Kale

8. Chili Pepper

If you like spicy food, it is worth to plant your own. They are easy to plant and there are a lot of varieties to choose from. Like Jalepeno, Serrano, Habanero and even really mild ones. They are also nice to look at. Chili peppers come in all sorts of colors. Once harvested, you can hand them dry to use for later.

chili peppers
Red & Burgundy Chili Peppers
hot & spicy
Small Chili Peppers that are really hot & spicy
Red Chili Peppers

9. Onion

Onions are easy to plant and maintain. They’re great addition to almost everything. Sandwiches, omelettes, stews, salads and a whole lot more goes well with onions. You’ll not just be able to harvest onions but you can also the spring onions that sprouts out from the ground and also the flower which is also edible.

A bunch of onions
The Onion

10. Rhubarb

Believe it or not, rhubarb is a vegetable and not a fruit. Rhubarb is often used or even mostly used for desserts or sweets. But you can also use as a souring agent for non-dessert food. The rhubarb as a plant has bright pink stalks that are so vibrant and nice to look at. They are also easy to grow and are low maintenance. Rhubarb is perfect for jams, preserves, pies and a whole lot more. Like the spinach and kale, the rhubarb is also a vegetable plant.

rhubarb plant
Young Rhubarb
Rhubarb Stalks

Balcony or Terrace Gardening


Some people are being hindered by cramped spaces that’s why they never tried gardening. But cramped or small spaces are not really a problem if you want to start gardening.

If you have a balcony or a terrace, that’ll be a perfect spot for your mini garden. For people who don’t have a balcony or a terrace, it is still possible to have a garden, but this for another post.

Gardening in small, limited or cramp spaces is also called “apartment gardening”. It is actually quite innovative to start your own garden in your flat or apartment. It’s perfect to have a balcony or a terrace, because you’ll have a source of sunlight because it is outdoors.

To get started there are some things that you have to decide upon. First is what do you want your garden to be? Do you want it to be ornamental or something that you can make use of?

Ornamental, is purely planting plants in your garden for the visual pleasure that it can give you. Like planting colorful plants (cacti, succulents etc.) and flowers. This is not purely unuseful. Since you can give aways flowers or plants as gifts.

A small balcony garden
lush garden
A lush balcony garden with a decent amount of space

But if you want to maximize the use of your balcony or terrace, then planting simple vegetable bearing or fruit bearing plants and herbs is a must. Because you will be able to use the vegetables, fruits and or herbs for yourself and also for gifting to other people. Planting food bearing plants can also give one person the feeling of accomplishment.

planter box
A small and simple planter box that will fit limited spaces

How to get started with your own balcony or terrace garden will be another post. But for now you have something to ponder upon if you are interested in starting your own garden in your apartment or flat.

Bird Feeders/Houses

rustic birdhouse

Bird feeders or houses are not just great looking garden decorations but are also useful. Birds can help with pollination. If your main focus in your garden is planting then it is a good thing to have birds in your garden.

Bird feeders and houses attract birds plus it gives them temporary shelter. Bird feeders and houses come in different designs now. They are useful garden decorative items. You can also put a specific bird feed for the type of birds you want to attract to hangout in your garden. One example is sugar water. This attracts hummingbirds. So if you like hummingbirds be sure to put some sugar water in your bird feeder.

A simple bird feeder

There are really elaborate ones and also simple ones. It depends on your taste or with which theme you have for your garden. There are also a lot of bird feeder or house DIYs online that are inexpensive and easy to make, just in case you’re looking for a garden project that has a purpose.

A simple pink bird house
rustic birdhouse
A rustic-looking birdhouse

There are also birdhouses that have big openings. This can also house small creatures like, squirrels and chipmunks. These are very helpful for these small creatures. When the weather gets really bad. These birdhouses serve as their temporary shelter to protect them from the elements that may harm them.

Creature house
A birdhouse with a big opening

But also be ready to some minor downsides. Some bigger birds might be dominating the smaller birds, this may end up with lots of bird feed all over your lawn. There can also be some bird poop. That’s just a heads up just in case you don’t like too much bird poop in your garden 😀

I think it’s music to the ears to get woken up by chirping birds in the morning or when you’re simply hanging out in your garden, it’s always nice and relaxing to hear chirping birds. It’ll make you feel closer to nature.

Garden Gnomes


Garden gnomes or lawn gnomes can be either cute or creepy, but it’s undeniable that they are one of the most popular garden decorations. As a matter of fact a lot of people collect garden gnomes, some even spend a lot of money buying rare ones.

Garden gnomes originated in Germany. They are called Gartenzwerge (garden dwarfs) Some are made with porcelain some with ceramic and wood. Gnomes today are mainly made out of terracotta. Typically, garden gnomes are male, bearded dress in colorful clothing. Like a red pointy hat or bonnet, blue pants, green or yellow shirt, a belt and boots. They have long white beards. Garden gnomes, are now being made all over the world, like in China, USA, Switzerland and Poland.

Garden gnomes are usually posed or made doing manly hobbies like smoking a pipe, fishing, chopping wood, etc. The most common garden gnome type is the classic one, just straight up standing. Nowadays, there are all sorts of garden gnome varieties, like humorous one, cute ones and realistic ones (that oftentimes look a bit creepy).

Creepy or not it is undeniable that they make great addition to a garden. Garden gnomes can give any garden a nice, nostalgic and welcoming vibe.

Garden Gnomes on a store shelf

Since people have mixed feelings/impressions about garden gnomes they always end up as a subject of ridicule and pranks. It is common for garden gnomes that are placed on the front lawn to get stolen. There’s even a term for that! It’s called “gnoming”. There’s even a travelling gnome prank.

More gnomes

If you are a real garden enthusiast a garden gnome is a perfect addition to your garden. Just don’t get carried away! 😀 Or else you’ll end up with a garden full of gnomes! 😀